What We Do


We build portable, medical grade video game carts and donate them to hospitals for children and their families to use during their time of healing. We are also able to provide VR equipment and portable gaming consoles to better meet individual needs.


We offer cosplay opportunities where kids get the chance to meet their favorite superhero or heroine! The joy on child’s face when they meet you in costume cannot be described. Volunteer and see for yourself!

Pop Culture

We also host a variety of pop culture events including movie nights, gaming tournaments and an annual Halloween fundraising party.

Get Involved


    Sharing is caring! Awareness is key to the success of the mission so please share it on all of your social media! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for our mailing list here to stay updated on events.

  • 2. DONATE

    Your donations help build the gaming carts and equipment donated to children in need. Please click here to donate.

    We can also take used consoles and games. Please email us here.


    If you’re a gamer like us, host a stream! Contact us at streaming for details.

    You can also host fundraisers on Facebook or use the donation sticker in your Instagram Stories!

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    Support the mission by getting awesome GoG gear. Click here for our store!

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    Geeky, Nerdy & Awesome.

    A bunch of geeks that believe in the healing power of video games and smiles.

    Meet The Team

    Carleen Endres : Founder

    All around nerd with an extra love of things space and sci-fi. Growing up she loved playing video games on her Sega Genesis. After experiencing an extended stay in the hospital herself, she fully understands the importance of GoG’s mission and how beneficial it is to have a means of escape during your treatment.

    Enriching the lives of hospitalized children through gaming, cosplay, and pop culture

    GoG is a geeky, Colorado based 501(c)(3) nonprofit created with the mission of bringing entertainment and healing through video games to children in hospitals.

    Click here for our full mission and vision statement.

    Kenneth Bush : Founder

    Lover of all things geek and gaming. Over 20 years of video gaming experience and a geek since birth! He has previously played video games with kids at hospitals in the Chicago area. With no set systems in place for the Colorado hospitals GoG was formed to bring those same smiles to his new home.

    Get in Touch

    Please email us with any inquiries, ideas and geeky awesomeness!

    If you are a hospital or medical clinic with kids who would benefit from healing power of video games, we definitely want to hear from you!