The Healing Power of Video Games

A quick Google search of "the healing power of video games" will bring up tons of amazing results. Everything from personal stories of kids who benefited from video games during a time of healing to scientific studies that show how video games help. All of it is why we do what we do. Video games are proven to fight depression, ease chronic and acute pain, and reduce stress and anxiety. Plus they're tons of fun, which helps with boredom, brings smiles to kids faces, and creates a healthy distraction from their ailment.

Colorado Plays described it wonderfully in his Gaming Heroes: Geeks of Grandeur article:

"This is invaluable from the viewpoint of a child. Think about it…how often are you bored out of your mind while laying in a hospital bed? There’s only so much you can watch on public access television.
Now amplify that by 10 and that’s how a child might feel.
It’s all about taking the mind off of the current situation. Stress can make healing far more difficult in the long run. Providing an element to engage the child such as a video game can help in relaxation while giving the body a better chance to repair itself."
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